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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

Where Can I Find Your Full Course List?

Head over to our classes page. Book online to schedule your traininng.

How Can I Book a visit?

You can sign up for our classes, trainings, or events by booking online.

What if I need to withdrawal from the course?

Refund Policy:

              Availability for refund for courses is described as below:

Student withdrawal during the  first week of class = 25% of paid tuition (for example if you paid $350 down on your tuition, you are entitled to $87.50 refund; for full tuition paid, you are entitled to $237.50 refund). There are no tuition refunds after the first week of class. Books and fees are not refundable. If you should have to withdraw from the course, you may reapply later and enter the course when another class is available and additional tuition and fees are paid.

Cost varies with each class type. Head over to the book online page for pricing. 

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